The Second Annual Maxwell T. Ward Foundation Charity Beach Volleyball Tournament



Our friend, Max Ward, had an infectious smile, was reliable in times of need, and was always bringing people together. His genuinely selfless nature and upbeat demeanor couldn’t be stifled by any of the various heart conditions thrown his way. Tragically, Max's heart stopped in his sleep at the young age of 28 due to a heart abnormality. In honor of Max’s life, the Maxwell T. Ward Foundation was created in his honor to help Celebrate Life and Help Engineer a Brighter Future for those with Cardiovascular Illnesses.

Standing at a tall 6’6”, Max was a fan of playing volleyball. At the net, Max always found a way to both befriend and spike on his opponents. That combination of friendship and competition is what made the Foundation decide to host an annual volleyball event in his honor, so friends can celebrate his love for camaraderie, fun, and a little competition!

Teams will have 6-8 players and must be co-ed with a minimum of two females on the court at all times. Additional rules will be provided at the event.